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Caprice is a Polish brand that has been improving women's self-confidence since 1991. Since building self-esteem starts with what lies just beneath your clothing, we have specialized in creating underwear that takes into account all women's needs. Our underwear is not only sexy and beautiful, but also very comfortable and made of the best materials available - Italian lace and French guipure - and this is appreciated by our customers, who have been coming back to us for years.


This can be combined! We know a lot about underwear, and when creating new collections, we combine the latest trends with original designs to provide the best possible comfort in wear. Lace reigns in our collections and you'll find fashionable bras with straps and tempting bras for deep necklines. There is also a collection of swimsuits, which is co-created with Anna Maria Olbrycht.


Made in Poland.

We are a Polish company with years of traditions. Our underwear is created in family owned factories located in Łódź, a city with textile traditions, the heart of the Polish textile industry. Caprice lingerie is hand-sewn. Buying our products means a guarantee of getting a 100% Polish-made product of the highest quality.

Our designers and production team have many years of experience in corsetry. They focus on creating constructions that are technologically superior - which is a guarantee of convenience. We are well aware that underwear has to highlight all the advantages of the female body and that's what we deliver. The wide available size range makes our underwear accessible to  women with both smaller and larger breasts.

And since we are on the topic of size ... for years we have heard accounts, from our customers, on how difficult it is to buy the perfect bra when you have large breasts. We accept this challenge and will regularly introduce new models. We will be pleased to use our many years of experience in corsetry craftsmanship to satisfy our customers.

Our responsibility

As we have already mentioned - the fabrics used in our collections are really important to us. We test new models on ourselves and our near relatives and only sell new products once they have met all our requirements. Our new product benchmark is set very high.

When manufacturing our underwear, we do everything to avoid harming the environment. We care about our surroundings, and our employees -who are crucial to us. We attach great importance to the conditions of making underwear; our sewing rooms have a friendly atmosphere - we love to be there! We understand business responsibility and we make every effort to ensure the whole process - from design to shipment - is as professional as possible.


This may sound immodest ... but we feel great pride seeing our Polish lingerie conquering Instagram. Our designs are worn by fashion stars and bloggers, among them are, among others: Maffashion, Honorata Skarbek, Horkruks, Margaret, Malwina Wędzikowska and Anna Maria Olbrycht.

We encourage you to follow our social media feed - the inspirational photos, as well as information about new collections and discount campaigns.

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