What is it that, we don’t see?

, 25 september 2016
What is it that, we don’t see?

Years ago a photographer friend of mine told me something that has remained in my head till this day and I often recall. He was giving his opinion on women’s portraits and on how different a shootgoes depending on whether a woman is wearing heels or worn shoes. You can’t see the shoes in the picture frame, but when she’s got heels on you can tell, just by the confidence she has. When she is wearing ordinary shoes confidence is not necessarily a feature. Everything changes – the way she holds her body, her posture and of course her attitude. A heard something really similar from a stylist at a different event. This time she wasn’t talking about shoes, but about underwear. And she wasn’t thinking of a lingerie shoot.

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that something we can’t see can have such an influence. This is after all something only we know about. You don’t have to carry out a national survey to check if what I’m saying is true. All you need is observe yourself. Everything begins  with you putting on your lingerie in the morning. We do this everyday. It’s our basic schedule. There is something exciting about the thought we have coffee creamed retro-styled lace under our plain tees and jeans. O ruby red silk. Our mood lifts, our self-esteem soars. It’s a kind gesture to ourselves, right when the day begins.

Playing hide and seek has been going on for years. There was a time when a loose shoulder-off sweater that revealed the strap of our bra was the quintessence of finesse. Then there was the lace in the cleavage, accidentally disclosed.  Strings poking out of hipsters is something of the past, I hope, something I’m still trying to scratch from thought. Now we wear strips in our cleavage, worn on the rim of our bra. This is inspired by erotic costumes, new romance. There is some understatement in this, and yet the curves are emphasized. And it’s universally useful – both for big and modest busts.

The bottom line on lingerie? Let’s just take a moment to reflect …. Who do we wear it for? When we look at women’s magazines we might  be tempted to answer that we should choose our lingerie bearing our partners (present and future, best being temporary) in mind. Everything has to be sexy, alluring and a show-off ofcourse. And dead serious. What would happen however if we added some humor into all this? I’m not saying that a Muppet show bra and knickers is the way to go. But how about we chose something we liked the way we look in. Big lace briefs, why not? How about a transparent body with censor- styled ‘x’ on the nipples? I mean we are the only ones who will know about it aren’t we? And if someone accidentally discovers our secret, they’ll simply be pleasantly surprised. 


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