The (In)discreet appeal of lace

, 1 november 2016
The (In)discreet appeal of lace

Ever since the overseas "it girl" Kendall Jenner appeared in a lace bra over a white T-shirt the rules of wearing underwear have changed. Pyjamas were the next hottest trend and dresses resembling evening lingerie. Everything that had been the realm of our bedrooms, proudly entered the streets. How are we to  continue in this bold world of fashion and not commit a faux pas?

Firstly, wearing a bra under a white shirt meant putting on a beige colored bra, so that it would be undetectable under the white fabric. Today we’re much braver at exposing our underwear. Today our lingerie is playing first fiddle.

Forget about the rules. Put a contrasting bra under your shirt. Reach for a black or red one. Let the lace disclose itself sensually from under an unbuttoned blouse or sweater. Let your bra play the leading role.

Caprice Midnight Queen

Secondly, details are a vital element, so pay close attention to the finishing touches and interesting elements. Nicole Scherzinger a vocalist has been a fan of thin strings visible in cleavage. What should these be worn with? The ideal partner is a classic little black dress, a dress with deep cleavage or even a denim shirt. This bra is like jewelry so don’t wear anything that would compete with it, such as a chain or necklace.

Caprice Devil Straps 2

Thirdly, find out about the new possibilities that lace lingerie holds. As with the earlier mentioned Kendall Jenner, you can wear a bra over a T shirt. The necessary detail? The shirt has to be close fit and has to have a small, round collar. The bra should be black and have a baby doll fit. Straight jeans or dark textile trousers will go great with this. The styling should be as simple as possible, because the spotlight is on the lingerie. 

Caprice Babydoll Soft

Don’t forget about the recent lace hero – the body. Let it be a top in your wardrobe collection. It can accompany a pencil straight skirt with a high waistline and will be an ideal base for a jacket. You can wear it with a long, thickly woven cardigan and skinny denims.  If you’ve never worn a body before you may see this as problematic. Remember however, that no blouse will ever sit tight enough and show your curves as well as a body will.

Caprice Kitty Body

The role of lingerie changes with the seasons. This season has shown the spectacular jump of the lace bra into pole position, so it’s time to pay it a tribute.


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